I lie alone remembering that high 

That voice singing to you from between my thighs  

I'm weak. Can't speak. Can do nothing but sleep 

 and let the rain pour, let the hurricane roar, 

Through the emptiness that’s left in the space that was yours 

scrambling through it for the signs I ignored  

Tearing up memories that are no use any more 

And then There's a pause 


Light had already begun to fade but Before you turned completely I dreamed. 

We were falling 

We held each other so tight till morning 

Landing so light on fresh laundry 

And I'm not scared at all as we fall  

Because I'm holding on to you  


I didn’t have a clue 

The wind the rush the sickness in my gut as we hurtled towards the green and blue of the ground 

Was so real, but I could feel your arms around me as we spun 

Your cheek on my cheek touching, where a smile had begun 


And the whole earth glowed with the golden light of being in love with you 

I could see it spinning, this blur of green and blue with that golden hue  

It didn’t feel like danger or death it felt like us against the world me and you 

Ride or die they cant touch us, because we can fly

And I woke up in your arms alive. 


Your skin on my skin and through my cheek I could feel your smile. 

Your teeth shining through. 

And yeh we knew there was dischordance.  

We could taste the acerbic flavours of rupture 

We knew we weren't soaring like we used to but even at the bottom we had each other  

even at the bottom I felt that firm grip of your fist on my heart I felt safe despite it all.  

But just like the hyasinths in my Mothers hall that filled spring sweet fragrance from wall to wall untill they started to turn and overhauled the air with unkind smells, 

like the last farewell, 

We turned.