Siege and Splendor

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away they say  

But two apples a day  

Two apples a day  

One for her and one for the babe  

Brewing in the bulbous belly   

2 apples a day   

Wont keep hunger at bay  

2 Apples a day because pay wont come for three more sleeps    

So the peace seeps out   

And in creeps doubt   

Together they’ve slipped through those every growing mothholes  in the welfare state  

Her path's become littered with pot holes, but she cant ask a mate  

Too proud to beg but she's 8 months pregnant  

And the grind is twice as unkind when your mind is fixed on finding food and sleeping through the crying in the next room and your eyes are drooping at the desk because your tired and hungry but instincts to nest, to feed and rest are stifled in this safe house where safety is housed in locks and keys and not community.  

Her vulnerability slides further down the playhouse of policies and priorities.  

Ticking boxes but being boxed up instead of set free  

The refuge that roofs her is only free for the first  three months that the baby breaths  

Then its off to find another box to tick to get on a list to get some breadcrumbs to lift her baby out of this pit.   

But she smiles.  

Because she has the ocean in her eyes   

And that means the strength of the moon is her guide.   

And that mother moon has carried her strength through the history of the womb   

Through the history of this room   

Where mothers have lost and found their strength   

Have hidden from their histories   

And met their futures in the heartbeat behind their bellybuttons  

So she harnesses her goddesses and they come flocking   

And though they cant stop the debt man knocking   

Or the welfare support drop drop dropping   

They can show her the ocean in her sons eyes,  

And the power that he harbors to set the future alight.  

And the dreams that he is already dreaming   

That will decorate the seams that These Goddesses are weaving   

Will decorate tapestries of  Futures and Forever's,  

Cos although todays endeavors are constrained by no's and Nevers,  

His little fist will grip a Joy and Power beyond measure,   

And that Joy she will treasure, Whatever the whether,  

Will never Surrender, this Mother, This Fender,  

This Goddess, this Splendor.