Do you remember the moment the wax started to melt? 

I do. 

And I remember how my wings had felt. 

They carried my weight so effortlessly on the wind breaks  

We flipped and dipped and soared through sunny skies thinking it was only up from here, only highs. 

They felt so strong. 

I was sure life would be different 

And I'm not sure where the first drop fell from 

But either way we were wrong. 


Was it me or you?  

I felt the tipping point in my Tummy turning 

time slows down. Gut squirming.


Instinctively, in slow motion 

I reached out for your arms  

Fear filtering like a cold wind  


How strange.  


I cant find your hand. 


The Strong grip of gravity blinding my senses 

I gasp for air because it seems I have forgotten to breath 

Where are you? 

I cant see you I screamed 

I listened out for your voice and hear only the roar of velocity  

I spin round 

Spun round to see 

But you had saved yourself 

And I watched you watch me as I crashed 


And I wondered what you felt.